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HIDEO TANAKA: Iki na Hikari (A Breath of Life)

Ev Yu's Wiggle Room

Hiding in Plain Sight at Arte Bettina


Ramona Dela Cruz-Gaston's "Deadly Sins"

James Gabito's "Aura of the Breathing Land"

Prints Made in May

Vincent de Pio's “The Reverence of Life And The Nature of Love”

Marionne Contreras' "Cockatoos, Scabs, and other Tchotchkes"

"Worker Crossing: Tekla Tamoria's Between Bad and Ok"

"Proof of Life"

Proof of Life

Mary Lyn S. Dioso's "Unabridged Space"

Marc Aran Reyes' "Finite Encounters"

Ciron Señeres' "Worse Code"

Ciron Señeres' "Unintentional Forming objects (UFO)"

Denver Garza's "Keys to eclipse"