Denver Garza's "Keys to eclipse"

Denver Garza's "Keys to eclipse"

The greatest stories ever told are often of a hero's triumph against the odds. It is not much of a story when the characters in a story or dramatis personae (Latin: "the masks of the drama") don't flirt with conflict. 

This refusal or hesitation to engage with external elements, inner demons, or detractors is an occurrence the artist finds worth exploring. The artist steps into the shoes of a protagonist in order to explore the psyche. By imagining these characters in situations that deal with personal struggles he seeks to illustrate what the mind is like placed in a position leading up to either a conflict or breakthrough.

As one embarks on a quest into the unknown, they unravel a series of events that will either make or break one's self. "Keys to eclipse" sets the playing field of the dramatis personae which Garza delineates through his work. It is in this stage of a story, where rawness builds a character that Garza is puts himself in.

In "Keys to Eclipse" Garza veers away from a conventional medium of interpretation. The artist cuts, mends, and installs fragments of his work onto each other. Blurring the lines of play on a pattern or the method of repetition as a medium to express the internal progression of a person's psyche.

Garza presents works that connote feelings of unpreparedness or uncertainty which he fleshes out for the viewer. Using a series of masks, the artist connote varying perspectives one which he hopes one of which the viewer can resonate with. More importantly, the artist instantiates a variety of cause to occurrences leading us to question what exactly are the keys that will set each protagonist's story in motion. 

Text by Marz Aglipay

Exhibition notes for Denver Garza's "Keys to Eclipse" at District Gallery August 2019


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