"The mind is a space, and the memories are the furniture." - George Santayana

Jaunts tackles the concept of a place, a space-in-time, or a realm where memories are transformed into an artistic tapestry of emotion and introspection. This exhibition brings together artists who reflect on the idea of place or space—a concept that intertwines the spaces we inhabit with cherished memories.

The exhibition features work by Nicole Bitas, Geri Mae Gonzales, kgphee, Ikea Rizalon, Charmaigne Mendoza, Isha Naguiat, Aui Suarez, Jasmine Therese Santos, Zian Olmedo, and Farley Del Rosario.

Each artist responds to how spaces serve as safe havens and contemplative retreats that shape the human experience. These artists build on the essence of places that have left an indelible mark on their hearts, transforming them into retrospective artworks that documents or articulates their respective ideas of a place or space.

Jaunts offers viewers a peek through the landscapes of each artist's mind, inviting them to wander through corridors of recollection and moments of profound serenity.

In Jaunts, each artist considers the notion of space as a sanctuary, a haven of safety and security. Their creations portray personal spaces, both physical and metaphysical, in which the artists find solace and refuge. It can be found in works such as Zian Olmedo's "Time will weave a new place." Her lush foliage pieces document changes in her neighborhood, noting how impermanence makes documentation important. Isha Naguiat, whose embroidery-filled images articulate how memories are never quite as what we remember them to be, emphasizing the transformative power of memory; Or Aui Suarez, whose work fuses reality and surrealism. These works each have a quality that transports the viewer to an ethereal realm where they may revisit the nooks and crannies of their memory.

At the heart of this exhibition, the artists present viewers with the idea of space as a meditative or contemplative domain. Through the eyes of the artists, viewers will encounter familiar-looking spaces, secret alcoves, or hidden sanctuaries that represent the places where these artists find tranquility amidst life's chaos.

Jaunts is on view at Ides Contemporary from August 12 to 30, 2023. For more information, please follow Ides Contemporary on Facebook and Instagram.


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