Homegrown is a book about Filipino Genre art. It gathers a collection of genre works and makes a statement about Filipino culture and identity. Using their art to depict scenes from everyday life, Homegrown artists explore the myriad possibilities for genre painting in Philippine art.

This October, Art+ is proud to launch, “Homegrown” that has more than 30 participating artists including Joseph Albao, William Alvarez, Vic Bachoco, RV Basco, Inday Cadapan, Aisha Cajade, Xander Calceta, Fil Delacruz, Janos Delacruz, Vincent de Pio, Patrick Esmao, James Gabito, Jun Impas, Aileen Lanuza, Ronnie Lim, Art Lozano, Donn Manguilimotan, Denmark Maribojoc, Norlie Meimban, Almer Moneda, Kenneth Montegrande, Emmanuel Nim, Perfecto Palero, Anthony Palo, Sonny Palles, Aljo Pingol, Averil Paras, Richard Perez, Jun Rocha, Dominic Rubio, Aner Sebastian, Jomike Tejido, Edwin Tres Reyes, and Ralph Villaluz.

I contributed four artist profiles for this book.

In the media: Novice,

"Homegrown" is published by Art+ Magazine.


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