Proto / Para: Rethinking Curatorial Work "To Even Out A Playing Field"

"To Even Out A Playing Field"
BASTINUOD, Faye Cura, Gantala Press, Hulyen, Makò Micro-Press, Renan Ortiz, Kevin Eric Raymundo (Tarantadong Kalbo)

During the lockdown period of 2020, an abundance of online

content has captured the sentiments of netizens towards current events, particularly the prioritization of projects that undermine the seriousness of the pandemic. To Even Out A Playing Field brings together some of those works in a white cube for the very first time since the lockdown.

This exhibition takes a look at practices that audiences are able to engage with by taking on an editorial function, which is either to narrate or opine, regardless of it being straight news such as editorial cartooning, digital illustration, or zines; or to entertain through satire or comics.

The term “engagement” is not limited to metrics set by social media platforms (e.g. number of views, likes, shares.) By being able to present works that audiences can mediate on a virtual platform and within a physical space, it seeks to discover what kind of engagements these works can demand or generate once they are exhibited in actual space.

Curated by Marz Aglipay

Project: Curatorial Workshop Project 

Presented to and sponsored by Japan Foundation, Manila (JFM) and the Philippine Contemporary Art Network (PCAN)

Mini site:

Publication: To Even Out A Playing Field


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