"Marz Today" is blog that features handmade stamps. I also write about my non-work adventures when I am sent on an assignment to cover art fairs, allow me to humor you. I also review craft stores and handmade brands. Please feel free to call out my grammatical and factual errors as I usually get carried away while writing.

As a long as I get the message across, you geniuses get the point anyway.

About the Author

Marz is handmade stamp artist and writer specializing in Philippine art and lifestyle. She is a shortlisted writer for the Purita Kalaw-Ledesma Art Criticism Prize in 2016 and has had several group exhibitions as an artist. She does freelance work that involves writingweb developmentvideo editing and custom handmade stamps. You may hire her for projects.


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Who is Marz

Name: Marz Ren | AKA: 認馬摯
​Marz is a handmade stamp artist based in Quezon City, Philippines. This one-person team takes pride in making handmade stamps in observance of a mindful way of printing.


Manila - Hello MNL
Quezon City - The Wander Space PH

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