Creative Expo Taiwan 2019: Talent 100

Your stamp making friend was in Taipei to cover the 2019 Creative Expo Taiwan. The gist: it is an exposition similar to Manila Design Week. Unlike MDW, Creative Expo is particular with segmenting creative specializations such as commercial products, handicrafts, and other design-driven brands into different pavilions along Taipei's cultural corridor.

Fair on the Move: Licensing at Taipei Expo Park - Expo Dome
I was especially excited to see Fair on the Move, the expo's pavilion dedicated to Licensing because of a stamp brand I've been following, Danwei Industry. As I browsed through the participants of the Talent 100 section I realized that Danwei Industry is not the only brand that produces stamps. Here are the illustrators and brands that caught my attention:

Danwei Industry

Danwei Industry's Artists
Danwei Industry's stamps are machine made and mounted on colorful cement blocks. Their design philosophy is based on freedom and ugly design. I was able to meet the two artists behind the Kaohsiung based brand. According to the artists this is their first time to participate in Creative Expo Taiwan. They were quite surprised with the turn out on the first day as their products in the gashapon machines (more on this later) ran out quickly.
See their work at:

Mandie Kuo

image from Mandie's Pinkoi shop
Mandie Kuo illustrates cute animals and does lettering. Her illustration style often portrays animals that deliver a dose of positivity and encouragement. Her work is available internationally via Etsy. Her lettering work is also available as Line stickers.
See her works at

Bon Bon Stickers

Image from Bonnie Chien's Instagram
Majority of Bonnie Chien's illustrations are of fashion savvy females. For Creative Expo Taiwan, her gashapon merchandise follows a postage stamp theme also based on a feminine muse. The stamps in this series are sized at 2.5 x 3.5 cm to fit the machine. Her works are available as stickers, stationery, washi tapes and totes.
See her shop

Chilling Punpa

Punpa's Stamps
I was immediately drawn to Chilling Punpa's booth because of the stamps that were on display. Chiling Punpa is a Thailand based illustrator. Chilling Punpa also participated in this years Thailand Toy Expo.
See more of Punpa at

郭漢克 (Guo Hanke) Every day's handbook diary! (aka Hank's Diary)

Image from Guo Hanke's Instagram
Hank's Diary designs stationery products with colorful, earthy, and rustic aesthetics. They launched a gorgeously packaged stamp set at Creative Expo Taiwan. It also took me awhile to realize that it was Hanke's work I was looking at because he had a shared booth as a collective at the expo under the name OURS Friends of Forest. (I believe so, if my faulty translation serves me well.)
See Hank's Diary products at

Gashapon Machines (various artists)

One feature of the Licensing pavilion that struck me is the gashapon machines that enabled participating brands to produce merchandise specifically for these machines. I love the idea that everyone has a chance to purchase a product from each brand within reason —that is if you have a lot of change to spare. A draw from a machine costs 100 NT$ (167 PHP.) The gashapon queue for stamp brands was quite long (as you've probably seen this in my Instagram Stories.)

Going through the exhibits I found that majority of booths have a commemorative stamp for the guests to use. Even booths that do not necessarily sell stamps or stationery items have their own. That being said this is how I experienced Taiwan's stamping culture. Apparently it transcends into their modern trade and business culture.

On a personal note it was such a treat to see my instagram idols in person if not the artists themselves. I wasn't confident enough to strike up a conversation with most of the artists because of the language barrier (otherwise all I'd say is "多少?".)

To learn more about 2019 Creative Expo Taiwan please await my published article in Art+ Magazine issue 62.


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