Beyond The Assignment: Meeting Kuya Robert

I'd been a fan of Robert Alejandro even before I could appreciate the range of his talents.

Kuya Robert at work in History Con

I had grown up watching Kuya Robert make art on local telly. He used to host Art is-kool, an art show which Jomike Tejido eventually took over. He is also one of Ang Ink's founding members. Basically he's an all around art guy whose work can be found in commercial or public spaces as well as advertising campaigns to name a few.

Doing my rounds at History Con I came across the "Ugly Portrait" booth, you can only imagine my delight when I found out it was Robert Alejandro making the ugly portraits on-the-spot.

As he worked on portraits of History Con's guest celebrities based on photographs on the first day. I had the impression that he was there to show his process rather than take commissions. It wasn't until the last day that I had spotted someone had posed for a portrait (and I assumed wrong after all.)

I tried so hard to keep it together in front of my childhood hero.

Kuya Robert was super nice and very animated when he shared some of his fondest memories from hosting the Art is Skool for a year. (I swear it felt like more than a year!)

My portrait would be the last one he'd make for this edition of History Con. I was told by Jet, who I later figured was the Jetro Rafael of Van Gogh is Bipolar (double woow), that its a rare opportunity to have Robert do commissioned portraits. This was also the first time he had a go at "Ugly" portraits which to their surprise really turned out pretty.

This really topped my History Con experience!

Some of his portraits at HCon


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