Guesting on RHTV Art2Art

We were invited to be on Lisa Macuja's show Art2Art to talk about miniature art in line with our ongoing exhibition The Tiny Show at Prism Gallery.

The episode aired last Sunday while I was at Asia Pop Comic Con. (Talk about being at two places at the same time!)
(L-R) Lisa Macuja, Tina De Torres, Myself, and Jericho Morales

For the most part of the interview we talked about how miniature art started and the difficulties of working with small art. (I for one, really bombed this interview because I was nervous.)
So. many. emotions.

Meeting Lisa Macuja in person and just not seeing her at an event is a memorable experience. She's like a national treasure! (For me, at least.) My heart is full from this experience of being part of The Tiny show and being able to have a platform to talk about the art we make on shows like Art2Art. It's quite nice to be interviewed for a change.

Art2Art is produced by the Manila Broadcasting Company and hosted by “Ballerina ng Bayan” Lisa Macuja, Art 2 Art airs every Sunday, 3:30 to 4 p.m., on radio via DZRH (666 khz on the AM band), on cable television via RHTV (Ch. 129 on Skycable in Metro Manila, Ch. 18 on Cignal TV and Ch. 3 on Cablelink) and livestreaming at http://dzrhnews


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