That One Big Wedding Favor

I started my year with my biggest project by far, a bulk order of stamps for a wedding.
Initially I thought it was just a passing joke until my client decided to push through with the order. By that time I had less than three months to work on 150 stamps. The design was a medium difficulty one to carve as it combined text and an image. The design approval was quick since my client knew exactly what he wanted.

With design approvals out of the way, I had 150 stamps to make!
It was hard to wrap my mind around it but I was up for the challenge.

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Because this was a bulk project the process had to go through phases which begun from tracing and carving which took about a month together; sawing handles, a day; sanding the mounts had to delegated, and lets not forget the product packaging which is a completely different process on its own.
The packaging was customized with a separate stamp design of the couple's initials. I also needed help cutting up the boxes and taping them. Still I had to do much of the work because I am a one person team juggling a day job and other commissions. (WHAT SORCERY?!)

As impossible as it may seem, I thankfully managed to allow myself to take my time making the stamps, meaning I didn't go manic trying to finish everything at one go. I gave myself rest days and of course I am also thankful for the help I got.

In hindsight it was a worthwhile endeavor. In the end I even ended up getting one o the stamps myself because I was a guest at my client's wedding. I did have some pricing hiccups but I'm charging that to experience.

Remember, folks, you can't rush a good thing!

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