My Neighbor's Chamoro

There's a saying "Travel now, pulubi later." so I took this trip on a whim and I must say I don't regret being a pulubi now haha.
My neighbor is Chamoro

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Tumon Bay
This is where I hung out most the time. Sleeping in and swimming in the afternoons. I could get used to this.

Marbo Cliff
Trekking is quite popular among the locals. If you ask for directions you may choose to take a trek to get to Marbo Cave. I did the less popular option of taking a tour van to get there. Lots of jumping involved thanks to Matt.

Marbo Cave
Marbo Cave is for fresh water cave swimming and diving even. We checked out a total of three fresh water pools within the cave. You bet the water is cold and impressively clear. No aquatic life except maybe shrimps which I did not see.

Fish Eye Park
Instead of going inside Fish Eye observatory which costs $26 per person. We snorkeled around the underwater observation deck. The area was bustling with tourist friendly fish. I kid you not! Even the barracuda is photogenic.

Two Lover's point
I took a trolley from DFS Galleria to get here. The trolley that goes to and from DFS costs $12 also includes entry to Puntan Dos Amantes, lover not included. Its known as Guam's most popular tourist attraction complete with a kitschy locks of love gimmick. I went around 11 am on a Saturday so there was a reasonable amount of tourist and at some point I was able to enjoy the viewing deck for myself.
Even if you don't have a companion its a pretty neat place to see the whole of Tumon Bay. If you want someone to take your souvenir photo Puntan Dos Amantes has a photo souvenir service you can get for a fee.

I took Tropical Tours Guam who took care of the tour getting to Marbo Cave, Fish Eye Park and Lunch at Terry's Local. Would recommend you guys check them out if you're looking for day tours in Guam. If you're feeling a little more adventurous I'd recommend renting a vehicle which is more practical getting around Guam.


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