Kiki's Delivery Service - Kiki & Tombo

I got back to my personal film project which is to marathon Studio Ghilbi films.
I've done a something similar with Akira Kurosawa films in a span of 9 month and though I didn't come up with a paper at the end of the project, I discovered Toshiro Mifune and now I am fan.
I first came across Kiki's Delivery service in a specialty shop in Cubao-x called My Breathing Space. I was in college at the time when I saw this nice glass encased animated music box selling for Php 10,000 (US$ 213.) I don't know if its still there.

Image from StrapyaWorld
Being on a student wage (from my parents lol) left me helpless since I couldn't buy the music box. Lets forward to today (when I can buy stuff but refuse to spend), After seeing the film I found it a charming coming of age story. I am guessing Sabrina the Teenage Witch got some cues here. I should have seen it sooner! Like when I was coming to age myself.

The film touches on several factors involved in the rite of passage plot. The one I resonate with the most would be when Kiki's power to fly suddenly stopped and she could no longer hear Jiji speak. Its a devastating thing to lose a skill you rely on a lot.

Good thing there are characters like Ursula, a senior figure who although is pretty much a stranger to Kiki, has been generous enough to offer a trip to her forest home to gain clarity. Cookie mold Tita if you ask me.
Artist at work, Do not disturb.
Then there's also my favorite scene in the film which is the conversation between Tombo, a boy who takes interest in Kiki. They talk about their similar love for flying which Kiki starts to doubt liking because she's making a living of it.

"You could just fly away on a broomstick" -Tombo
Kiki's Delivery Service (1989)
Not exactly the most profound nugget of wisdom from the film. I must say its the beach setting that really got to me so I turned it into a stamp.

Got any recommendations on which Ghilbi film I should see next? I might find my next stamp inspiration there.


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