Life After Breakfast Stamp Swap

I was invited to join Life After (Alessa Lanot's) Stamp Swap which was part of the Katipunan Art Festival's activities. There I met for the first time other stamp makers. It was quite exciting for me since I am always looking for folks who share the stamp carving craze as I do.

There's no hard and fast rules on how to make stamps and I am glad to find similar eraser stamp making folks in the stamp swap (Yayz I am not alone!) The instructions were to make 10 stamps paired with prints, postcards, or basically anything stamped with the stamps we'd make.

For my 10 stamps I choose to make a food inspired set since I already got started with the Campbells, 555 Sardines and other Filipino snacks.
(from top l-r:) Mikmik, spam, Duff beer, Iced Gems, starbucks frapp, Magnum bar, pepsi, popcorn, hearshey's and 555 Sardines.

I paired them with prints. I came up with 10 varying versions of this print.

Meet the makers

During the swap there were 20 invitees, 9 folks were in my group (plus one who was not present.)
In this loot: Monogram and laurel wreaths stamp 
Made by Alessa Lanot

The first stamp carving workshop I attended was by Alessa & Mansy. I thought it was pretty awesome to get together again with the stamp mentors during the craft swap. Alessa is best known for her watercolor works and other crafts not limited to lettering and stamp carving- all of which she holds workshops for. She blogs at and she is the host of this stamp swap.

In this loot: sticker sheets of Kara's stamps, one wood mounted stamp and a mini stamp.
Made by Kara Quiambao

I found Kara on instagram prior to the stamp swap. Her stamp style is on the cutesy side mostly designs that you would turn into organizer or diary stickers. She also holds craft workshops and owns Medium PH, a craft store, where you can get your own stamp carving starter kits.

In this loot: postcard and an eraser stamp

The curator of the Katipunan Art Fair. Mansy owns HeyKessy which is best known for its washi tapes and other craft supplies that are hard to come by. She's also a papercut artist. I've wrote about her exhibit Cut & Paste for Art Plus Magazine (do check that out!)

In this loot: it was a lucky draw I got a lovely set of cloth coasters with an eraser stamp
Made by Sam Medina (sorry I got the IG handle wrong in the photo)

Sam enjoys making stamps on her free time when not making home made ice cream. Don't tell her you heard that from me.

In this loot: Print note cards and eraser stamps

I am all about these geometric gem stamps. Its a bit mind-boggling to me why I haven't made stamps like these but I really like these haha. She also makes stamps for fun.

In this loot: printed notecards and envelopes
Made by Kim Pasion

Kim caught the carving bug (like myself.) She and her sister-in-law Karla Pasion both got into stamp carving and would get together to just carve stamps. Kim is currently on a sabbatical leave from her teaching job and is now based in La Union... I can only imagine if living in LU can afford one time and inspiration to make stamps (I would suppose so.) She's into making floral stamps much like her sister-in-law.

In this loot: a hand made recipe notebook and eraser stamp
Made by Kaia Aguas

Kaia has stopped making stamps for a while. It was because of Alessa's invitation to the stamp swap that she had picked up her carving tools and begun making stamps again. I particularly like the color scheme on this notebook.
In this loot: postcard, a print and an eraser stamp.
Made by Louie Garcia

This has to be one of my personal favorite patterned prints from the group. That was until I saw her IG feed and she does this pattern sorcery on paper cups. You have to see it to believe it! No wonder her stamps are also pattern based.

Special mentions

Dom Ochotorena
Dom is a member of Ang INK. I attended his stamp carving workshop.

Nica Cosio
Nica holds stamp carving workshops too. She's one of the people behind @craftpartyph

A photo posted by Veronica Cosio (@nicacosio) on

Kat Almoite
She likes cats

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Osean Buenaventura
She runs a craft / party design business. She whips up some awesome handmade boxes I #testify! Her group got stamps in a handmade mini LV travel bag.

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Darie Brillantes
Makes eraser stamps for fun


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