That moment the VP got lawyered by UP students

Its fantastic that the VP indulged in an open forum with students, of UP nonetheless, to discuss transparency. I actually think it's a brave move for the VP since he last dodged a debate. While its obvious that students were throwing their frustrations on the current administration at him. Their questions were that good.


HB 252 - Genuine Agrarian Reform
A student asked the VP if he had any plans on replacing the present agrarian policies. At present, the comprehensive agrarian reform program (CARP) has been found limiting leaving much to be desired by farmers v.s. people who own farm lands. VP POV be like "Go on child, state your addendum to the question"
They discuss the CARP extension until HB 252 Geniune Agrarian Reform, a possible solution to the problem, was brought up by the student asking the question. The VP defends his case "I think you are referring to the extension yun ng CARP"
The student asking respectfully corrects the VP "ah no sir, hindi po siya po yung CARP, yung house bill 252  its the genuine agrarian reform bill na inihain ng Anak Pawis party list." To which the VP responds "ano po bang yang hinahabol sa house bill na yan?" and the crowd loses it with wooos and applause.
VP POV: ... alright I get it.

Well doi he is the VP. Why did we even think he'd read through legislative documents on his spare time. He ain't got time fo' dat, he's from the executive hood!

On being accountable for the AFP
A student (Mr. Kitain) asked the VP on what he has done to be accountable for the violations that linked the Armed Forces of the Philippines in breaking basic humanitarian laws in Mindanao (for example the Lumad Killings.)
To which the VP answers with an anecdote about himself about being a working vice president
 "noong akoy nangkakampanya sabi ko nga eh ako ho ay magiging panglawang pangulo na magtratrabaho hindi yung nakatingala lagi "kelan kaya ako papalit" kung baga spare tire."
He just had to drop the "any-VP's-hidden-desire" bomb.

On informal settlers in Makati
Stevie Wonder said he ain't seen no informal settlers. What is it really sir, there is or there isn't?

At the end of the day, this presidentiable is no google for solutions to the Philippine's problems no matter how experienced he may be so lets give him a break. Besides nagenjoy naman siya.
Binay's response on being in a heated discussion with UPLB students

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