DBD at KCC: TVXQ "T1ST0RY" Concert

Calling me a fan of TVXQ is an understatement, in fact that my first attempt at portrait stamps were of them.
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On Cassiopeia PH's 11th gathering, I volunteered to stamp about 200 paper cups (TRUE STORY, BRO!) What was I thinking?! I wasn't, but it was worth it.

see the cups on display at the Tohocafe  2:28 - 2:44 

This Friday Yunho and Changmin will be at KCC in blu-ray! Don't worry, they're still as hot as they get. The screening is free but with limited slots, better RSVP right away (link at the bottom). Attendees will not only be able to watch T1 ST0RY but also participate in games and raffles with awesome prizes from Cass PH, CandySky, and Marz Today (yours truly!)

RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/627711737332292/

These are the two TVXQ stamps inspired by their Spellbound album which you can win when you attend the DBD this Friday.

Do the fan chants and bring a lightstick! Relive this moment.


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