SONA 2015 moments FOR THE LOLS

I have a love-hate stance on State of the Nation Addresses because its a ridiculously long report on current events delivered to yawning audiences, men zipping up their pants right when they think the cameras are not directed at them and the demure "OMG I am on the big screen" close up shots. Its comedy gold every year.
Director's POV: now pan across the hall for anyone with a bad pants situation

Director's POV: now focus the camera on whomever the president's talking about "subtly"

Being a student in the 2000's warranted a minor consolation for this event like early dismissal or sometimes classes would be called off because we were asked to come up with a 800-1000 word reaction paper about the SONA (the struggle with using a lot of "the's" was real.) Honestly, listening to a president rap using political jargon had lead to a mental battle with my sanity. I mean, for the love of cheesecakes why on earth would a 12 year old care about infrastructure, GDPs and land reform? Not that one shouldn't start early to learn or care about these things but if it had truly tugged at my 12-year-old heart well I would have been in public service today.

As you may have seen on the telly at the end of President Aquino's speech the opposition was being upfront about their disappointment with him by holding up banners in protest.
yup that happened.

I thought the audible boo-ing was really crass for a senate session. I mean, dude number 1, its a formal event; number 2 is that how politicians conduct themselves in a formal function? Oh I forgot, this was a circus. And we need to know who designed Ms. Binay's outfit because its driving the fashion world mad.

What really took home the cake for me was the mixed reactions of Drillon, Aquino and Belmonte in this one frame. Just take a good look at them.
(L-R) Drillon, Aquino, Belomonte.

Instead of a Game of Thrones inspired "Shame app" can we make a "Boo app" of this man?
hear them "boo" in perfect harmony

I felt sorry for Mr. Aquino for his last SONA coz the haters be hating
Aquino: Make it stoooop!

and then there's Mr. Belmonte being as cute as a button.
D'aaawww you're my next favorite old man, Sir!

I don't know about you but watching these guys make me seriously worry about the future. I hope President Aquino's projection for the country's development does go as he foresees it.

What was your favorite part of this year's SONA?


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