Beauty is not skin deep: Daniel Snoeks

I have this minor league crush on Daniel Snoeks (1994.) He is one beautiful man although some folks may think otherwise because he's well inked.

Daniel Snoeks is one of those eye-candy foreigners living in Korea. I suppose its safe to assume that being fluent in the native language of any country you're staying at equals brownie points, career-wise. But being inked in Korea doesn't always work in Daniel's favor. Tattoos are taboo in Korea and those who do have them tend to be judged because of their appearance.

You won't need subtitles.

I've gathered that Daniel's got this air of nonchalance to him after going through his photos stalking him on instagram and yet he can be straight-up no funny business when he's talking about Ascend. Ascend is a lifestyle clothing brand which he is the director of. He's practically a self made business man at 21. Date, me! LOL

Daniel stared in Abnormal Summit where viewers got to know him better. I am searching for English subtitles for this show on youtube because of my poor poor 언어 이해 Daniel obviously beats me at language.

But dood! this man's a looker.

Apart from being the director of Ascend, he is also a tattoo artist. So... Today's stamp is inspired by one of his designs.

If your interested in getting inked by Daniel, he takes appointments through his email / kakao (on his instagram profile)


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This only goes to show that beauty is not skin deep. What do you folks think of inked guys / gals? Would you date a person covered in tattoos?


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