Brooklyn Charm

My cousin Jenny brought me to the Brooklyn Charm store and I almost went nuts, that is, because I got inspired. You could say my new custom charm discovery was brought about by a visit to this store.

Its real easy to fall in love with this make-your-own jewelry store. What part of make your own isn't jail bait?

Brooklyn Charms has tonnes and tonnes of little charms in gold, brass, copper, plastic, metal and the sorts. You get to choose the charms you want and the chain you want to go with it be it a necklace or a bracelet (or what have you). Upon check out the person-in-charge is going to make your custom fit jewelry. Its like getting a suit made but more fun.
there's mine at the cash register getting made while I browse around the shop.

When I was younger I would spend hours at Claire's. Brooklyn Charm on the other hand is something else altogether. Had I been extra particular about how I wanted my bracelet to come out we might have ended up spending 5 hours there. We wouldn't want to spend the whole day doing that in Willamsburg now do we?

Apart from charms that come in all sorts and themes they also offered other knick-knacks.
worry dolls, mini postcards, metal letter stamps, rings and other jewelry.

If you're ever in New York and feel like getting a vintage looking personalized souvenir, consider checking out Brooklyn Charm.

Brooklyn Charm
145 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211

and can also be found at
Artists & Flea's Chealsea Market (although the selection is not as varied as the Bedford branch)

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