This was 2019

I just sorted out when exactly a decade ends (It ends in 2020 not in 2019.)  I haven't quite wrapped my head around a decade ending but here it comes regardless.

Here are 8 things 2019 brought

  1. Saw a good chum all grown up and married.
  2. Gone shrimping in Taipei.
  3. Taught some Art Writing.
  4. Made a 'good' sale in one day.
  5. Got mistaken for a college freshman in grad school.
  6. Dealt with a con instead of a concert.
  7. Took on a new role at the day job.
  8. Got sick more than I wanted to.

2019 was pretty mellow from my recollection. In hindsight the people close to me have lost  important people, I have grown sick often (by sick I mean stuck in bed), and I was in more than plenty of weddings than I'd hope I'd be in.

More importantly, there were humbling wins and wins by my friends and family which felt more worthy of praise and recognition this year. 

My theme of the year was to "drive the narrative." I think I was able to take some big girl steps towards driving the narrative of my life. Its not as eventful as I'd want but there are these lulls in the journey which is exactly what we need to get us to where we are trying to get. 

I hope I am still on the right path in the coming year.

With that I wish you a meaningful 2020 ahead. Thank you for being part of my year.

I shall take time to reflect on the decade another time.


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