Acha's La Union Workshop

Asako Kasai "Acha" (@achahanko) was invited to the Philippines to teach a stamp making workshop in Tali Ti Amianan in La Union.

This would be her first time in the Philippines. Plot twist: a super typhoon was expected to hit La Union on the same weekend that her workshop would take place. Despite the weather warnings me and a fellow stamp maker Lui (@sayitwithstamps) took our chances and attended the workshop.
Acha had two workshops in the Philippines: one in La Union (13 Sept) and in Manila (14 Sept). We attended the one in La Union because we signed up before a Manila workshop was announced. Both workshops begins with a journaling session with Miku (@miku_maus), Girl Boss of Tali Ti Amianan, followed by Acha's stamp making session.

Eraser Stamp Artist Profile
Acha first came across a hanko (stamp) as a child when she received one as a present from her grandfather. Growing up, she studied to become a physical education teacher and later pursued a career in sales in several stationery and toy companies. Eventually her love for illustration and stamp making would lead her to pursue a full time career as an eraser stamp artist in 2013. In 2018, She has collaborated with brands such as UNIQLO and facilitated workshops in big craft and design events in Japan such as Design Festa and Yokohama Handmade Marche.
Acha at Tali Ti Amianan showing an illustration of her Philippine workshop

Stamp Making with Acha
For myself, the main draw of Acha's workshop is the fact that she previously held an eraser stamp artist certification (I'm not sure which certificating association though.) Her insight in stamp making in this workshop is really a way for me to understand the Japanese standard method of eraser stamp carving.

We worked using Seed carving blocks which I really liked.
Because it is a basic class in carving, it was more of a refresher course for myself and Lui. The fact that there are eraser stamp artists in the Philippines surprised Acha. Yet there are several things Acha taught us that I otherwise would not have figured out for myself.  Our workshop classmates who made stamps for the first time had an easy time following. It's not hard to imagine these ladies making stamps on their own.

During our down time, I got to peek inside Acha's Hobonichi.

Acha demonstrating how she carves a stamp.

My final output from this class. Almost like Acha's but not quite. I still am fascinated by how thin she can carve lines on her stamps.

Thank you and congratulations to Miku of Tali Ti Amianan for making this workshop happen! It was definitely worth braving the typhoon warnings lol.

See more of Acha's work on instagram or her official website.
Some of Acha's stamps are available for purchase at Tali Ti Amianan.


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