Seed Horunavi Carving Block Review

This is my personal favorite, albeit guilty pleasure, brand of carving blocks. These blocks are produced by Seed, a Japanese company known for making erasers. Their products range from industrial grade rubber blocks for cleaning to consumer type goods such as school erasers.

The Horunavi line of Seed carving blocks are my favorite because each carving block is co-produced with a Japanese eraser stamp artist. Each carving block comes with a sheet of Kokuyo tracing paper and a pattern designed by the artist whose work is featured on its packaging design.

Sample design sheet that comes with every carving block.

This block has a soft resistance when used with a craft knife. It is soft enough to take small details but tough enough to withstand the elements of storage and usage both on flat and textured surfaces. The softness of the this block can be compared to Speedball's Speedy Cut without the crummy feel when you cut or carve it. Unlike Speedball this block has a powder texture when newly opened. This is to keep it from sticking to its plastic packaging under extreme heat.

Marz Today Intramuros Stamp
Intramuros stamp

Would recommend this block for intermediate level carving work. Its my go-to block for very intricate designs. Beginners might not like this block for its softness. Its not as forgiving as the Speedball speedy carve or erasers you can get in the office supply store.

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