What I did in 2017

Photo by Joanne Pajarillo of Paper Lens

A few things that happened in 2017

  1. Made 150 stamps for a wedding.
  2. Got featured on the Probe's "Handmade".
  3. Saving Sally cast and prod staff noticed my Saving Sally stamp.
  4. Made friends and bothered hotel and museum staff in Jogyakarta.
  5. Conquered my fear of traveling alone to  Mainland, China.
  6. Did stamp demos in an art fair (Art Mod) and a book fair (Glorietta Art Book Fair).
  7. Joined a writing contest and failed
  8. Searched for Simon Yin who was everywhere at History Con. Like a fangirl.
  9. Met an astronaut. Told him my name was Marz
  10. Became part of Common Room PH.
  11. Made drinking tomodachis in Osaka.
  12. Had the best eye contact and interaction with Kim Jaejoong.
  13. Made a big-ticketed impulse purchase.
  14. Felt sincerely hurt to have lost someone to depression.
  15. Came to terms that health is more valuable than wealth

Bye 2017, I had a blast.


  1. Congrats on your 2017 wins, Marz! Natuwa ako nung nabasa ko yung "Met an astronaut. Told him my name was Marz." Haha!

    1. Allo Arli thanks for visiting! Napangiti na lang si Captain Barry nung nagpakilala ako sa kanya as "Marz". 😂




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