Best 9 of 2017

My best nine posts from instagram.

I begun 2017 by investing in myself and enrolled once again in Arriane Serafico's Braver Biz course, but this time for a master class. I had to set a theme for the year which was Plan Smart. This theme had me evaluating my choices on weather the projects I pursue would be worthwhile and thus saving me the trouble of ending up miserable for my choices.

Having gone through the course at the first quarter of the year I started setting short-term goals by the quarter. This meant making year long projections and short term projects, experiments and business decisions. In the long run, I was able to find some balance between business and pleasure which was something I wanted but didn't know how to achieve. Its not the most perfect year but that clarity I got from the course got me by.  I didn't see myself doing the things that I've accomplished in 2017 but I am pleased that I had pushed through despite not knowing the outcome.

BEST 9 Stories

Marz Today gets featured in Probe Production's Handmade.

When the cast and production team of Saving Sally noticed my work and MMFF had the best movie line-up (so far) in my entire life.

A chicken flu outbreak happened but didn't stop my love for Chicken Joy.

I learned that there are so many fans who share my love for of We Bear Bears. And that Ice Bear Rules.

I had vasculitis flare up a few months before an out of town trip (My flare ups takes months and years to cure.) I had to re-evaluate my diet and resorted to immortalizing the stuff I love but can't eat into stamps.

When commuting in Metro Manila traffic has become a part of my day I needed to get something out of it.

This stamp basically reveals my age.

Find out what your best 9 instagram posts in 2017 is here. Invest in yourself this 2018 and enroll in Arriane Serafico's productivity classes in 2018 click this link. I can vouch for her productivity classes and if you have questions feel free to message me about it.


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