Finding Simon Yin at History Con

I was wearing both my journalist and artist hat at the second History convention in Manila. Little did I know I'd get myself into this hullabaloo.
Among all the celebrities at the con I was most excited to see was Simon Yin, host of Hidden Cities Extreme and astronaut Capt. Barry Wilmore. Being there on all days was a fun trade off since it was likely that I'd come across the celebrity guests in the main hall.

Funny story, I was at the press con but didn't see Simon. Turns out he was in the far left and I too was at the far left so I didn't see him since day 1.

By the third day of the con, I made a portrait stamp of Simon which he saw on IG.
that comment was an enabler.

On the last day I was super psyched to see Simon but I had booth to man so haha I was so torn about leaving. Attending to my journalist duties, I was at Captain Wilmore's talk in the afternoon only to realize too late that Simon was also in the room! Ahhh (I knew right when Capt. Wilmore called out Simon who was leaving to host Jordan Kilganon's special event) #CRIES

Being proactive about this whole thing I went around looking for him at the last few hours of the con.

In the end I didn't get to catch Simon, I missed him by an hour but he was cool enough to mention me on his IG

Talk about Hidden Simon Extreme!

Although I didn't get to meet Simon this year, he's been a good sport and left me a note.

Suppose I'll be at the next History Con by default.

 Compilation of all the IG Stories from my search for Simon.


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