Booklat: A Fundraiser for the Young Focus Library

I've donated two prints to Booklat, a fundraiser event happening at 10A Alabama on July 31, 2016.
My prints are based on nine Haruki Murakami titles to turned into stamps. The exhibit's theme is (along the lines of) books or reading. Here's a look into my process:

Drafting and image transfer

Initially I was set to work with six titles but found it lacking so I ended up working on three more titles. The whole process of drafting, carving, and printing took around three and half days to complete.

Stamp specs: 4 x 6 cm

print layout

Photo by Isabel B. of Young Focus 
"Ohayou Murakami-san"
Print from hand-carved stamps with ink and watercolor on paper
9 x 11.5 inches

"Oyasumi Murakami-san"
Print from hand-carved stamps with ink on paper
10.5 x 13.5 inches

I'd like to invite you to support the cause by donating pre-loved children's or young adult books or purchasing an artwork. To reserve kindly email the title of the piece and your name plus contact details at Do check out the rest of the artworks on the event page.

I have another print edition of "Ohayou Murakami-san", "Oyasumi Murakami-san", including another piece featuring the stamps used to make the prints. These pieces didn't make it to the exhibit because its presently with the framer. I am excited to see the final piece, myself. I'll share the last piece with you folks once its out.

See you at Booklat!

This print is available for online shipping and on other merchandise via Society6


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