Hanko Stamp & Seal

As per tradition the Japanese do not sign documents but instead use a stamp. This is called Han or Hanko.

Custom Hanko stamp on wood handle 1.5 x 1.5 cm

Not long ago, I've seen a hanko used to sign artworks for a Chinese traditional Sumi-e painting exhibition. Prior to it I came across one of my print workshop classmates who used a hanko to sign her print. I thought that was pretty bad ass.

Hanko stamp is usually made from stone or wood. I've had a few requests for Hanko styled stamps myself. The first photo on this post being my most recent one. I must say, it has been most faithful to the traditional hanko look compared to my earlier ones.

A photo posted by @amaecying on

Feel like getting yourself a Hanko for yourself? I take personalized stamps upon request.

Don't worry if you don't have a Japanese or Chinese name here are some useful sites to help you get your Chinese or Japanese name:
Your name in Japanese - This site phonetically translates your name into katakana
Or this site, gives you a quiz and translates your name according to your personality.
Chinese name (1) - translates your name according to your birthday and desired essence (intelligence, wealth, etc.) This feels more authentic having an auspiciously generated Chinese name. At least you won't have to worry that you'll end up calling yourself a "Rice Bowl" or "rice bucket" which is loosely linked to some derogatory idiom. You're better off not calling yourself one.

You may message me your Japanese or Chinese name for sample designs and a quote for a Hanko at fb.com/MarzToday.


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