Thank you 500 IG followers

I'd like to thank the first 500 IG followers of @MarzRen. Thanks for validating the effort!

I am celebrating this milestone through a giveaway. Join the #MarzTodayYAY500 giveaway on instagram to win either of these two (or both, its possible) goodie hauls from Common Room PH

1. Blank mini notebook from Ella Lama
2. Create Postcard by June Digan from Type Lab
3. Designer pencils from Paper Chic Studio
4. Autographed postcard by Jelvin Base on 'Break the Rules' (on flip-side) from Type Lab
5. Sticker from Pluma PH
6. Sticker from Ella Lama
7. Starwars Poladroid Magnet from Habil Crafts
8. Coaster from Chalk and Cloud

1. Designer pencils from Paper Chic Studio
2. Starwars Poladroid Magnet from Habil Crafts
3. Blank notebook from Ella Lama
4. Sticker from Ella Lama
5. Coaster from Chalk and Cloud
6. I am Awesome Postcard by Fozzy Castro-Dayrit from Type Lab
7. Autographed postcard by Jelvin Base on 'Break the Rules' (on flip-side) from Type Lab
8. Sticker from Pluma PH

Contest ends on Sunday Aug 9 Midnight PST. Because I like to start the work week with lovely news.



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