To my dear professor

Yesterday I delivered a eulogy for a beloved professor. Thankfully the family appreciated my piece. As per the request of another professor to share my tribute. Here it is for you to read, if you'd like.

Mr. Edgardo Ray Pedroche, a titan of the local Mass Communication industry. He was once the vice president of the KBP during the presidency of Cory Aquino. I remember him telling us of a time he had been cut off mid-broadcast during the martial law. Exclaiming to us that a gun was pointed at him and his colleagues to stop the broadcast. He was the voice of radio programs of that era, I wasn't born yet but my mum who was a little bumpkin remembers a Ray Pedroche of the local radio industry.

I had also marveled at his story of working for Robert Steward aka Uncle Bob of GMA radio. He said that they had dropped a microphone from the 3rd floor window of Calvo building in Escolta. Calvo Building is now a museum which I discovered on a Carlos Celdran tour of Escolta a year before he told this story to the class.

You might think How Jurassic it is to have a professor that old but trust me, he didn't seem old at all. In fact I think he had more energy than any of his students on 7:30 a.m. class. I on the other hand, adored his stories and how personal he was with each of his students. I wouldn't be the first person to say so. In fact some of things in my eulogy rang out several times in the testimonials of the students who spoke before and after me. I won't keep you any longer, here's what I've said:
I am Marz, a student of Sir Pedroche from Batch 2012. I would like to thank the Paulinian community, Ms. Bello, and Sir Pedroche's family for having this celebration of Sir Pedroche’s new life.

Sir Pedroche teaches several major subjects in our department and that’s how he became one of the main characters of our college lives. Our batch took a fondness in calling him "Mr. Fredricksen", a balloon salesman from the Disney feature film UP (this is not a paid advertisement.) The name caught on with the batches that followed, as a fitting moniker for his being the “lolo” figure of the society.

We would marvel at his accomplishments that he narrates to us in his signature baritone voice. That reminds us of how beautiful his voice is during our Radio Production classes. We can only get so far as to imitate that made-for-the-radio voice of his. Like a ray of sunshine, he was also an energizing presence at mass-comm events, never failing to chime in nuggets of wisdom to keep us grounded. And most of all, he genuinely believed in his students. Be it the dreamers or the pasaways, he believed that each of us had the capacity for greatness. Encouraging us with his words, and he was always good with words, I admired him for that.

Those words echoed on his facebook page daily, in fact I am amazed by how connected he is in our time of Facebook, He really one-uped Lola Techie. Sir Pedroche has this habit of checking in on you, with an FB message. I recall one exchange he had with a former student asking "Kelan ka na ba magiging newscaster?" and that student did become a newscaster. It’s very likely if you’re FB friends with Sir Pedroche, he may have messaged you or exchanged ideas over a clever status message of his. It’s bound to become a discussion as if you’ve never left the classroom.

In his last post, he talked about the rain and ended it on a note of concern, I quote "be safe darlings." referring to his students who were on their way to school that morning. It was surreal to hear of his passing. I was thinking how ironic it is after re-reading his regular musing on FB it would no longer be followed by another one. Then I realize that Sir Pedroche broke the internet, not like Kim Kardashian. But, he has broken the disconnection in the internet. Since social media catered to one’s self, Sir Pedroche turned it into a channel to reach out to the people he taught and cared about.

I’d like to look at Sir Pedroche’s life as Gods way of touching us. Through his words he reminds us, that some one believes in our capacities to be great. We, his students, have been blessed to have Sir Pedroche as our professor.

I am sure that Sir Pedroche is delighted to see us gathered here, connected to each other by our memories of him. He is probably in Paradise falls by now, enjoying his coffee in his favorite tumbler, or wherever his balloons may take him. We will always cherish the times we shared with the Mr. Fredricksen of our lives. We love you, Sir Pedroche.

-Original text, My actual delivery was slightly altered because, come on! I have feelings too

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  1. It's a beautiful tribute to your professor, Marz. Raising a coffee cup in honor of this brave, light-hearted man who inspires you. :)




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